Friday, March 14, 2008

Perfection is not the point

I think the idea of stillness and acting from the moment is the main thing that the art group I belong to has been coming back to. Whenever we feel lost, or low energy, or panicked, don't feel like making art, just coming back to the present moment, the breath, just sit and let it come in and see what is calling. Maybe it is nothing. Just time to rest. Or maybe it is something you weren't expecting.
For our culture, it seems to be one of the hardest things. When I am in that struggling place, I can only do it some times, for a very short time, but Sarah says that's great, that's the point, not perfection. What I have noticed is that stillness and sitting comes naturally for me when I can be outside. And spring is on the way, yeah! I saw buds on trees today.

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wordsofmine said...

I painted today and using my inner sense to choose colors that appealed to me. It's a simple painting but pleasing to my eye. A little Jackson Pollock and a little mz. em.